Your brain takes in about 100,000 words per day …  outside of work.

Non-work inputs each day total 34 gigabytes of information: about a quarter of the memory capacity of a small computer.  Not surprisingly, about 2/3 of that input comes from television and computers.

One of the researchers, Roger Bohn,  of the University of California observed,  “I think one thing is clear: Our attention is being chopped into shorter intervals and that is probably not good for thinking deeper thoughts.”

A more positive note from Oxford University neuroscientist Professor :  “The brain can grow and increase in size depending on how it is used. Perhaps dealing with this new information will cause new nerve cells to be born.”

Color me skeptical.  I’m certain that more brain cells are killed than born while watching television.

Link: The 100,000 words a day that ruin our concentration | Mail Online.