A US Immigration Judge has granted political asylum to a German couple who chose to homeschool their children, after Germany’s highest court ruled that social services officials could remove children from their parents.

After that decision, Romeike said, “We knew we had to leave the country.”

“During the last 10-20 years the curriculum in public schools has been more and more against Christian values,” he said of his decision to teach his children at home.

According to Mr. Romeike, when his oldest children were in public schools they had problems with violence, bullying and peer pressure.  The Romeikes took their three oldest children out of public school, for which they were fined the equivalent of about $10,000 over a two-year period.

We didn’t pay it all because we couldn’t,” he said. “We went to court and tried to fight against it – without success.”

Reportedly, the Immigration Judge considered the right to homeschool a fundamental human right, and Germany’s attempt to punish the exercise of that right warranted the grant of asylum in the US.

This will make a very interesting precedent.  And opens the question: What other rights have similar status?

via German homeschoolers granted political asylum – washingtonpost.com.