Cleveland police have discovered a new way to apprehend fleeing suspects:

If a screenwriter put the scene in a movie, it would seem too far-fetched.

A high-speed chase in Cleveland ended when four suspects abandoned their car on the side of the road and took off on foot. Police say they quickly tracked down three of the men. The fourth, however, managed to scale a 30-foot chain-link fence topped with barbed wire, jumped and landed — in a state prison for women.

And whatever else Cleveland may lack, their police have a talent for understatement:

It doesn’t happen every day, that’s for sure,” a Garfield Heights police spokesman said. “They’re not always this easy to catch.”

Police found several bags of marijuana in the car, and one very unlucky suspect in the prison.

via Fleeing Police, Man Hops Fence Into Women’s Prison – AOL News.