Two prison escapees have (so far) evaded 300 Argentine police, by disguising themselves as SHEEP.

The pair dressed in full sheepskin fleeces, complete with heads, to lie low among farm flocks.

Robbers Maximiliano Pereyra, 25, and Ariel Diaz, 28, stole the sheep hides from a ranch after breaking out of an Argentinian maximum security prison a week ago.

And they have managed to evade the 300 cops on their trail – despite locals seeing them running through fields at night….

Police say spotting the pair among thousands of sheep is “almost impossible”. But one warned: “They can’t pull the wool over our eyes forever.”

I don’t know; sounds like some pretty woolly eyes!

But I predict that this manhunt will end right about the time that police release an excited ram into the flock.

via TWO escaped convicts dodge manhunt by dressing as sheep | The Sun |News.