Located, of course, in Berkeley:

Letters of admission went out last month to the approximately 20 students who will make up the inaugural freshman class of Zaytuna College, which founders hope will become the nation’s first accredited Muslim institution of higher learning.

… Zaytuna will be a Muslim liberal arts college in the same tradition as other sectarian liberal arts colleges that operate in this country. In its early years, Zaytuna will offer bachelor’s degrees in Islamic law and theology and Arabic, according to Dr. Hatem Bazian, a co-founder of the college and chair of its academic affairs committee. As the college grows, he says, it will add majors.

Just how liberal can a muslim college actually be?  Cartoons of Mohammed in art class?  Critical analysis of the Koran in philosophy?

It will be fascinating to see whether Zaytuna College will have to meet the multi-culti standards of political correctness imposed on other colleges, or whether it will get an exemption from all that.  I’m betting on the exemption.

via America’s First Muslim College To Open This Fall.