After 29 findings of malpractice, a surgeon who lost the right to operate in Norway is now working at a hospital in Sweden.

Danish doctor Johanne Krogh, 62, has become synonymous in Norway with medical malpractice after a series of high profile incidents that changed patients’ lives for the worse.

In one case, she stormed out on a bleeding patient in the middle of a surgical procedure after losing her temper with a colleague in the operating theatre. The incident necessitated two further corrective operations for the patient, who later died after a wound became infected.

Also, several of her hip patients reported her to the authorities after emerging from the operating room with legs differing in length by up to four centimetres.

Calls to mind the old Norwegian joke:  Why couldn’t Christ have been born in Norway?  There wouldn’t have been three wise men to come from the east.

via ‘Worst doctor in Norway’ working in Sweden – The Local.