John Wooden has died.  Although I haven’t seen anything about him in a few years, I’ll miss him.

He was, of course, a  great coach, a real leader, a disciplinarian in an age of militant indiscipline.

I learned today that he also was among history’s great lovers.  In his column for ESPN the Magazine, Rick Reilley addresses the following to Wooden’s great-grandson (emphasis added):

… he and your late great-grandmother, Nell, had the truest love I’ve ever seen. Junior high school sweethearts, they were married 53 years until Nell died in 1985. To this day, he writes her a love note every month and sets it on her side of the bed.

John Wooden was a class act.  That’s why he’ll be missed.

via Rick Reilly is still in awe of John Wooden – ESPN The Magazine.