Matt Cawley’s romantic engagement brainstorm turned into a big OOPS, when the family heirloom ring disappeared:

When Matt Cawley popped the big question to girlfriend Stacey Scanlon, it’s fair to say it could’ve gone better….

Cawley’s plan was to surprise Scanlon with the ring during a romantic walk along Lighthouse Jetty in South Yarmouth on Monday morning.

He tied it to a big sand dollar with some string, slipped it onto a rock when she wasn’t looking, and then slyly called her attention to it.

She grabbed the sand dollar, but the ring tumbled into the rocky nooks of the jetty — and vanished.

“You could just hear it go — click, click, click — down through the rocks,” said Cawley…. “I knew it was gone.”

And it was gone.  But, fortunately, they’re engaged.

Their first baby will be named “Butterfinger”.

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