MacArthur would love the irony: Old Japanese never die, they just fade away.

More than 230,000 elderly people in Japan who are listed as being aged 100 or over are unaccounted for, officials said following a nationwide inquiry.

An audit of family registries was launched last month after the remains of the man thought to be Tokyo’s oldest were found at his family home.

Relatives are accused of fraudulently receiving his pension for decades.

Perhaps the Japanese are not as long-lived as we’ve been told.   And these are not minor errors:

Officials have found that hundreds of the missing would be at least 150 years old if still alive.

The Justice Ministry said some of those unaccounted for may have died as long ago as World War II, possibly during the post-war turmoil.

Sounds like record-keeping in Chicago or Philadelphia!  Ah, well, so long as they vote early and vote often.

via BBC News – More than 230,000 Japanese centenarians ‘missing’.