This is really cool: Yale Law School’s library checks out dogs for 30-minute breaks with students.

And for the students, it’s nothing short of brilliant. Just check out the rest of the entry and tell me that 30 minutes with a nice animal wouldn’t provide a welcome break during study time:

Monty circulates for 30 minute periods.
Graduate of Puppy School, 2000 (with honors), Certified Therapy Dog, 2010. Distinguishing features: white star on chest. Monty plays well with others and is fond of bacon. (Please don’t feed him hot dogs, that’s just wrong.)
Woof (unknown script).

Monty (Dog)
Therapy dogs.
Dogs in libraries.
Stress relievers for law students.

Additional author
Aiken, Julian, owner.

Title note
Full name: General Montgomery

Why do I have the suspicion that this idea came from a librarian who got tired of exercising his dog?  Even so, it’s a great idea.