A gold-vending machine:

Shoppers who are looking for something sparkly to put under the Christmas tree can skip the jewelry and go straight to the source: an ATM that dispenses shiny 24-carat gold bars and coins. …   “Instead of buying flowers or chocolates, which is gone after two or three minutes, this will stay for the next few hundreds years,” [Thomas Geissler, CEO of Ex Oriente Lux and inventor of the Gold To Go machines]

The company installed its first machine at Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace hotel in May and followed up with gold ATMs in Germany, Spain and Italy. Geissler said they plan to unroll a few hundred machines worldwide in 2011. He said the Abu Dhabi machine has been so popular it has to be restocked every two days.

This reminds me of the old Peanuts cartoon: Lucy, when asked what she wants for Christmas, replies “Real estate!”  Lucy would have liked this vending machine.