This is for all those who felt a tingle run down their legs on hearing that yesterday was National Squirrel Day (and I’m assumin’ that y’all were wearin’ yer Depends)!

Introducing the web page: “Squirrel Fishing: The New Global Sport that Graps Squirrels by the Nuts!”  (Link: )  You can learn a lot there:

Squirrels work HARD:

Squirrels get tired:

Squirrels like a drink:

Squirrels sleep it off:

And squirrels make friends:



A Cooper’s hawk has taken up residence in the main reading room of the Library of Congress.  Seems like he’d be better outside, celebrating National Squirrel Day.


For anyone insufficiently surprised to learn that there is a National Border Patrol Museum (see post below), try this: yesterday was National Squirrel Appreciation Day.

It’s official: The National Wildlife Federation even has a page, “7 Ways to Celebrate National Squirrel Appreciation Day: “7 Ways to Celebrate National Squirrel Day!”  (Number 4 is “Shoot ’em.”)  In honor of the honorable squirrel, consider this: according to the NWF,

The ratufa (ratufa indica), also known as the Indian giant squirrel of Southeast Asia, can grow up to 3 feet in length.

That’s more nut-chasing rodent than I’ll ever have any use for.

BTW, the poor squirrels have to share their special day with National Hug Day.



Workers at a Ukrainian aquarium didn’t believe it when a visitor said a crocodile swallowed her phone. Then the reptile started ringing.

The accident in the eastern city of Dnipropetrovsk sounds a bit like “Peter Pan,” in which a crocodile happily went “tick-tock” after gulping down an alarm clock.

But Gena, the 14-year-old croc who swallowed the phone, has hardly been living a fairy tale: He hasn’t eaten or had a bowel movement in four weeks….

Anyone who invents something to get teenagers to swallow cell phones is sure to win the Nobel Peace Prize.


Dogs are the leaders of the planet. If you see two life forms, one of them’s making a poop, the other one’s carrying it for him, who would you assume is in charge.

— Seinfeld

UK scientists have created the worlds first genetically modified chickens that do not spread bird flu.Writing in Science journal, the team says their work demonstrates it is possible to create a variety of GM farm animals resistant to viral diseases.The research team inserted an artificial gene into chickens; this introduces a tiny part of the bird flu virus into chicken cells.These birds become infected but render the virus harmless to other poultry.The team believes that the genetic modification they have introduced is harmless to the chickens and to people who might eat the birds.

Now, they’re working on a chicken that can tell us which came first.

via BBC News – Worlds first flu-resistant GM chickens created.


It’s nice to have a friend!

Juuso, a large brown bear from the Predator Animal Center, in Finland, only agreed to crawl into his shelter and hibernate, after his best friend tucked him in.

With winter drawing ever nearer, Juuso, a young brown bear from Finland’s Predator Center, seemed tired. All the other bears had already began their winter hibernation, and Juuso’s eyes were closing all the time, but refused to go into his man-made lair. You’d think he was suffering from insomnia, but in fact, all he really needed was to be tucked-in by his best friend, caretaker Sulo Karjalainen.

Sulo has been making sure the animals of the Predator Center have everything they need, and in turn, this ferocious creatures accepted him as a friend. To make sure Juuso gets some shut-eye during the winter months, Sulo went into the bear’s lair first, and his furry friend followed shortly. Happy and relaxed in the company of his friend, Juuso soon laid his head on his bed of straw, sighed and finally went to sleep.

via Oddity Central – Weird Places, Odd Events, Bizarre News, Strange People and A Lot More – Part 5.

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