Citroen has a very witty advertisement, about a man pretending that his car has lots of high-end features.  It’s a great example of communication without words.


GM is trying a rather creative marketing approach in Europe for its Chevy Orlando:

The company crafted a full-scale Play-Doh model of the MPV and parked it in downtown London. The installation weighs in at a staggering 1.5 tons and measures 15 feet long by almost six feet wide.

Reportedly, the real Orlando is not made of Play-Doh: The marketing is based on survey findings that Play-Doh was the most popular toy of yesteryear, beating Legos at 19% to 17%.  One can hardly wait for the Wii Wagon.


Describing the Irish financial collapse:

A few months after the spell was broken, the short-term parking-lot attendants at Dublin Airport noticed that their daily take had fallen. The lot appeared full; they couldn’t understand it. Then they noticed the cars never changed. They phoned the Dublin police, who in turn traced the cars to Polish construction workers, who had bought them with money borrowed from Irish banks. The migrant workers had ditched the cars and gone home.

R. Stidolph of Rowayton was charged with drunk driving Monday after launching his Porsche Carrera 35 feet in the air and crashing into the second floor of a house on Highland Avenue on Nov. 19 Stidolph was trapped for 40 minutes until firefighters rescued him.



Sometimes, a picture is worth more than a thousand words:

Via: Gas Prices Hit Highest Level in Two Years – Transportation – GOOD.

That doesn’t mean that we’d willingly subject ourselves to the DMV 960 times, however.  Yet that’s exactly what a Korean woman, Cha Sa-soon, did on her quest to obtain her driver’s license. Despite copious studying, the 69-year-old Cha just couldn’t manage to get past the written portion of the exam.

In April 2005, she began taking the 50-minute, 40-question test once a day, five days week, failing each time. Eventually her pace slowed to taking the test twice a week, but on the 960th try, she managed to get enough of the questions right to pass.

… it wasn’t long before the tale caught the ear of Hyundai-Kia. The company asked people to post congratulatory messages online, and after an overwhelming response, Kia handed her the keys to a brand-new Soul.

via Woman gets Kia Soul after passing drive test on 960th try – Autoblog.

Gives a whole new meaning to a Coke float:

You didn’t seriously think that the whole Diet Coke and Mentos internet meme would die out with nary a whimper, did you? Of course not. The little bits of candy and sudsy concoction – in this case Coke Zero in lieu of run-of-the-mill Diet Coke – are back in action as a replacement for those pesky fossil fuels.

Sadly, the economics of scale required to make Coke Zero and Mentos an actual substitute for gasoline and diesel make the newfound fuel unlikely to gain widespread acceptance. For what it’s worth, it apparently takes 108 two-liter bottles of Coke Zero along with 648 Mentos to travel exactly 221 feet.

via Autoblog — We Obsessively Cover The Auto Industry.

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