The above map of the world, drawn by Facebook data structuring intern Paul Butler using connections between 10 million Facebook friends (full-size link), is interesting enough in itself until you realize that all of the country borders are entirely drawn using Facebook friend connections too. Even if the world was dark and totally unmapped, Facebook could produce a remarkably good approximation of most of its continents’ boundaries, and even the borders of some countries.


Lillian Lowe, 103, from Tenby, Pembrokeshire, has only a few dozen friends, mostly family, registered.

But since being dubbed Facebook’s oldest user, she has had 999 friendship requests from around the world.

She said: “They have been very kind and uplifting messages. I can’t reply to them all.”

Ms Lowe is thought to have become the oldest person among Facebook’s 500m users following the death of 104-year-old Ivy Bean, from Bradford, in July.

The retired hotelier and businesswoman says she uses the site about twice a week to keep up to date with family, including two at university in Cardiff.

She said: “I like it very much, to see my grandchildren and speak to them, but it does waste a lot of time.

Good for her!

Via: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-12013756

From today’s Wall Street Journal opinion page:

A friend just pointed out that the telephone numbers (home, cell) of its users are shown on Facebook.  I do not know whether this is something new.

If you want to see your friends’ phone numbers: Go to the top right of your FB screen, click “Account,” then “Edit Friends”.   Then go to the left side of your screen and click “Phonebook.”

Given the number of marketing trolls who try to get accepted as friends, this could be a problem.

If you want to control access to your phone numbers: Go to the top right of your FB screen, click “Privacy Settings,” then “Customize Settings” (near the bottom-middle of the table displayed).  On the Customize  Your Privacy Settings page, cursor down to “Contact Information,”  where you’ll see buttons on the right that let you choose among levels of public disclosure.

In general, it is a good idea to review your FB privacy settings from time to time.