From today’s perspective, ads from the past can be truly amazing.

There’s the “male-dominance” (or “spousal abuse”) theme:

The “women can’t drive” theme:

The “domesticity is sexy” theme:

The thoroughly incoherent:

(Those crazy Frenchies!)

And my favorite:


Top 48 ads that would never be allowed today » Article », Digital Journalism.

Voltaire, while not PC, was witty — and well aware of the plasticity of meanings.

When a diplomat says yes, he means ‘perhaps’;

When he says perhaps, he means ‘no’;
When he says no, he is not a diplomat.
When a lady says no, she means ‘perhaps’;
When she says perhaps, she means ‘yes’;
When she says yes, she is not a lady.

These are the Said sisters, Amina and Sarah — two pretty Texas teens who were brutally murdered on New Year’s Day 2008. The main suspect: their father, Yaser. Their crime: dating non-Muslim boys. Their penalty: honor killings.

Tonight (Friday, August 6) at 10 p.m. eastern, Fox News will broadcast Bill Hemmer’s one-hour special investigating the case, and the risk Muslim girls face at the hands of their male relatives if they act too . . . American.

via Honor Killing in America – The Corner – National Review Online.

Not only is Big Brother watching, now Big Sister is spraying:

Scientists have invented what women want in a man – the sensitivity spray.

They say it is capable of turning the most macho of hunks into a dewy-eyed baby-kisser who says all the right things and stops going down the pub.

Researchers of the Neuromudlation of Emotion – NEMO – faculty at the Friedrich-Wilhelms-University of Bonn say the spray uses the hormone oxytocin, sometimes called ‘the cuddle chemical’ as it stimulates affectionate feelings in humans.

Better living through chemicals!

via Scientists develop spray to make men more affectionate using ‘cuddle’ hormone oxytocin | Mail Online.

Wild vervet monkeys in South Africa are better able to learn a task when it was demonstrated by a female.

The team compared animals’ responses to demonstrations of a simple box-opening task, which was demonstrated either by a dominant male or female monkey….

They gave the monkeys boxes containing fruit, which had doors on each differently coloured end.

During an initial demonstration, the researchers blocked one of the doors, so there was only one correct way to solve the box-opening puzzle and access the fruit reward.

For three of the groups, a dominant male monkey was selected as a “model” to demonstrate the task and for the other three a dominant female was chosen….

After this “demonstration phase”, the other monkeys were far more likely to try – and to succeed in – opening the fruit box if their demonstrator was a female.

“We found that bystanders paid significantly more attention to female than male models,” said Ms van de Waal.

Well, I pay more attention to females also.  Would a correct interpretation be that paying more attention to females will make a monkey of you?

via BBC News – Monkeys learn more from females.

Researchers at McMaster University in Canada, found that the sense of touch is more sensitive among women than men because their fingers are smaller.

Women have greater sweat pore density in their smaller fingers. The fingertip touch receptors, which cluster around sweat pore bases, were therefore more tightly packed.

One application may be better simulations allowing someone online to “touch and feel” the object displayed.