Ed Driscoll has a good blog post discussing how TV and movies distort our views of history, both through the unavoidably selective presentation of “reality” and through fictional artistry.  (I did not know that “follow the money” was not a phrase used by Watergate “Deep Throat” — it only appers in the movie.)

Along the way, he makes a very apt prediction:

… in 2000 years they’ll make movies about our era, and everyone will be half-naked and sweaty while they commit mortgage fraud.



In the new Shrek movie, Fiona will wear long hair down to her shoulders, which proved a lot more challenging than I’d have guessed.

That’s actually really, really difficult to do,” director Mike Mitchell tells PopcornBiz. “I was really excited to do it, it fit her character. But to take her hair down was a really special thing.

“It turns out that animating long hair is an incredibly difficult and expensive process. …

When it was cleared, a team of 20 people were put on the task of handling Fiona’s lovely hair.

“People know what long hair looks like. So if you have to do it, you have to do it right,” says Mitchell. “You have to individually animate each one.”

Indeed, the hair looks great, even if Mitchell still does not comprehend how.

“I have sat with the animators and watched them do it, but I still don’t understand the process,” says Mitchell. “I still don’t know how they do it.

via Cameron Diaz’s Ogre Hair Style Took a Team of 20 for “Shrek” | NBC Dallas-Fort Worth.